Author: Maureen Malloy, Director, DRG Digital Innovation Solutions


Health decisions are made online – 66% of patients who research Rx info online agree this information influences their medication choice.* Physicians are relying on digital sources throughout the workday, and 71% of physicians agree HCP websites influence their clinical decisions.**

For pharma brands, it’s clear that having a strong, digital presence that motivates customer behavior is a key component of brand success. However – it’s a crowded digital ecosystem. Content and data is being produced and shared at astronomical rates and competition for attention and engagement is fierce. making reaching the right people, in the right place, at the right time an increasingly tough task for brands.


How can you get more traction for your content and services, and motivate action?

Our analysts have compiled a list of key things to think about when trying to increase your visibility – though channel prioritization, specific touch points and tactics will vary greatly by your audience type, geography, and point in the lifecycle, among other factors.

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Ways pharma brands can increase their visibility in the complex digital ecosystem


Cross-channel integration

  • Ensure TV, events and other offline activities are integrated with search and social strategy
  • Leverage reps and doctors as an awareness channel for support services


Partnerships & advertising

  • Find the right partners and communities and embed
  • Explore native advertising opportunities


Content SEO & shareability

  • Capitalize on relevant content areas with low competition but still aligned to brand goals (by topic, geography, etc)
  • Go niche – less competition, more relevant to a targeted group
  • Short, catchy headers that are aligned to customer questions; best types of formats that people want to share
  • Content atomization – one central theme, break into a variety of “nuggets” that can be shared across ecosystem
  • Cross-link among relevant properties
  • Consider embedding content into your corporate website (often stronger domain)
  • Ensure tech issues aren’t hindering your visibility (e.g., SEO best practices, mobile speed, etc)



Influencers & advocacy

  • Connect with the influencers who can motivate the right people on your behalf
  • Empower others to share your message and values without your involvement


Emerging opportunities to get closer to the customer

  • Use digital “signals” to move towards personalization
  • Explore programmatic advertising as a way to reach customers on non-endemic websites
  • Consider EHR overlays as way to embed within EHR workflow


And measure, measure, measure to see what’s working and not working in the ecosystem


*Source: DRG Digital – Manhattan Research, ePharma Consumer® 2015, among US online consumers, 4-5 pts on 5pt influence scale

**Source: DRG Digital – Manhattan Research, Taking the Pulse® US 2016, among US physicians, 4-5 pts on 5pt influence scale



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