Author: Kelly Pinola, Digital Healthcare Analyst


In a post-ACA world where physicians are increasingly measured more on quality of care and less on quantity, it is crucial that pharma arm physicians with patient education resources that help them inform patients the treatments that they receive, as well as the conditions treated. Patients need to understand how their condition relates to their treatment, and how neglecting treatment can impact their overall health, if we are to improve adherence and therefore outcomes.

That’s why disease information is one of the top focus areas for physicians when it comes to planning for patient-physician interactions. In our ePharma Physician® 2016 study, DRG Digital found that 72% of U.S. physicians have shared or are interested in sharing disease or condition information provided by a pharmaceutical company with their patients.

Physicians’ interest in disease information extends beyond the point of care. U.S. physicians express interest in accessing disease information through pharma websites, on non-pharma professional websites, and in online professional videos. This hunger for quality disease information opens up an opportunity for pharma to interact in a way that can help to improve patient outcomes and therefore build brand equity.  

Our Taking the Pulse® U.S. 2016 study found that only 27% of U.S. physicians visit pharmaceutical websites on a weekly basis, and only 25% of those that visit pharma websites find them to be influential on their clinical decisions. Providing disease information on pharma websites and sponsoring disease related content on outside resources can help to expand the overall reach and influence of pharmaceutical websites. Since disease information is one of the few topics that physicians prefer to access outside of their EHR, this is an area where pharma can really add value. Providing quality disease information can improve engagements between physicians and pharma and help physicians to effectively educate patients to meet their quality goals.


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