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DRG Digital Innovation just completed a survey of 2,994 U.S. physicians. Here’s a few of the key takeaways:

  • U.S. physicians need support managing the changing healthcare landscape and new technologies. As the healthcare system moves from rewarding volume to value, physicians are having difficulty understanding and meeting the new qualitative and value-oriented goals set by their practices -- 43% of physicians agree “My organization is struggling to understand and meet goals of value and quality (e.g. hospital readmissions, cost per patient, patient outcomes).” They are also struggling to manage a deluge of data. They need support in navigating this fast-changing tech and healthcare landscape, including systems to help streamline data collection, management and interpretation.
  • With telehealth poised for rapid growth, pharma is missing an opportunity to engage physicians. With major insurers and health systems exploring ways to expand their use of virtual patient consults in a big way, pharmas should explore ways to leverage their digital resources to support the patient-physician dialogue. Already, 13% of physicians conduct virtual visits. These physicians visit pharma websites significantly more frequently than do physicians overall, but very few use pharma websites to support virtual visits, highlighting a missed opportunity for pharma.
  • Time to start thinking about partnering with EHRs. Physicians are intensive users of their EHRs, and the convenience factor of in-EHR resources for time-crunched physicians is compelling, making it all the more urgent that pharmas find ways to partner with EHR vendors to offer information, education and help with costs where they are spending most of their time online. Consider that 27% of U.S. physicians use pharma websites between patient consults, while 82% use EHRs between patient consults.

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