A colleague and I recently conducted a 30-minute webinar exploring how the use of digital channels can be leveraged to accelerate clinical trials recruitment.

The environment in which biopharmaceutical and medical device companies need to operate to conduct clinical trials has changed dramatically in recent years, with the advent of patient-centric healthcare models, the widespread adoption of consumer technology, and the increasing focus on the development of medicines for rare diseases. However, the model for designing, planning and executing clinical trials has lagged behind in its ability to capitalize on these emerging trends, and may be a drag on productivity in clinical development.

Fortunately, developments in digital technology and the movement towards patient-centricity have opened up new avenues for clinical trial sponsors that dare to innovate. One specific area currently receiving a lot of well-deserved attention involves the use of patient insights and digital tools to enhance clinical trial recruitment. Check out the webinar to learn more about the digital patient’s point of view on clinical trials, and how pharmas can rewire their digital strategies to increase the effectiveness of their clinical trials.

The digital ecosystem as a channel to connect with patients holds tremendous potential for executing clinical trial recruitment in a more cost-effective and speedy manner.

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