Tuesday marked the end of DDW 2014. We enjoyed the talks and had a great time learning about the different products we cover in the exhibit hall. Today's top three list will summarize our favourite lectures and exhibitor booths we visited. Our top three talks are as follows:

1) Beyond Art: Science of the Perfect Colonoscopy
A great lecture to start off Sunday morning, this session covered multiple factors affecting the performance of a colonoscopy procedure. This included a strong randomized controlled trial between water exchange, water immersion, and air insufflation; a discussion on the ideal patient position to improve visual quality; and a compelling comparison between forceps and snare polypectomy by Dr. Martha Britto-Arias, which was selected as a Best of DDW talk.

2) Challenges in ERCP
This talk gave us a great perspective about the challenges physicians face when performing various ERCP procedures. Included were discussions on best practices in cannulation, how to take full advantage of EUS guidance, and managing stones with different techniques. We appreciated the thorough explanations about each procedure, and it helped to elucidate some preferences practitioners may have regarding device usage, such as one presenter's preference for double pigtailed stents.

3) SSAT Public Policy & Advocacy Committee Panel: The 2014 National Debate: Expected and Unintended Consequences of the Affordable Care Act
What was there not to like about this talk. For an 8 am session, it was well-attended by many prominent physicians and stakeholders. We especially enjoyed the panel format, as well as the interactive online/text poll. Echoing some comments from the audience, this panel was well-organized and both the positive and negative sides of the ACA on patients and surgeons were well argued. The panellists were clearly well prepared and delivered impassioned speeches that focused on the Hippocratic duties of their profession, economic impact on US health care, and general benefits to patients.

We all know that the best exhibitor booths are highly positively correlated with their offering of snacks, therefore, here is our list of top three booths:

1) Gilead Sciences:We sincerely thank you guys for your awesome froyo machine!
2) Takeda Pharmaceuticals: Nothing better than balancing out the sweet with some salty local Garrett's gourmet popcorn, and
3) AbbVie: Who can say no to freshly piped cannoli?

Overall, we enjoyed learning about the GI tract as much as we did filling it. Look forward to our final DDW blog post when we will cover our top three regrets.

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