The New Year's confetti is still fresh on the ground, but our 2019 research is well underway, and we're road testing some really next-level data tools to help clients understand their HCP, patient and payer audiences. Here's some of the questions we're looking to untangle in our work this year:

  • How can we use rep-reported data on the physicians they call on to build a decision support engine providing specific and actionable guidance to sales reps in the field?
  • What drives physician perceptions of pharmas? This year we’re digging deeper on how physicians see pharmas, including general perceptions of trustworthiness as well as perceived value and innovation – and we’re trying to better understand how different types of interactions with pharma color these perceptions.
  • How can pharmas use social intelligence to reveal the unmet needs and friction points motivating medication-related behaviors, and to tailor communications to their emotional state at each point in the patient journey?
  • How can pharmas build a better chatbot for HCPs? What use cases garner the greatest interest among physicians? Which sales and medical affairs functions might chatbots help to automate or triage?
  • How are Millennial physicians changing clinical practice? These digitally-native younger doctors are becoming a big share of the medical workforce, and they exhibit strikingly different information-seeking and decision-making behaviors than their older colleagues. And we're asking physicians of all age cohorts how they use social media in their practice, and how they'd like to engage with pharma on these platforms.
  • Will digital therapeutics complement or replace traditional medicines anytime soon? We’re probing consumer and physician awareness of and demand for digital therapeutics as pharmas and tech companies begin to place bets on these alternate treatment pathways. We're also trying to understand how pharmas can maximize their investment in these tools by getting patient support resources into the hands of patients. What formats do patients and HCPs favor? How can companies raise awareness of these tools among HCPs and prompt them to share with their patients?
  • How hungry are specialists and their patients for biosimilars? Are they paying attention, yet? Are they comfortable trading the tried-and-true for cost-savings, or do they have concerns about efficacy and safety?
  • Will healthcare consumers ask Amazon or CVS instead of their doctor? A panoply of players from tech behemoths to retail pharmacy giants is poised to make an end run around hospitals, physician practices and ERs on urgent and acute care, reordering the traditional paradigm of delivering healthcare products and services by offering greater convenience, if not lower prices.
  • What roles are physicians playing outside of clinical practice (e.g., on P&T committees), and relatedly, what do physicians influencing formulary design look like, as a group?
  • How are copay accumulators impacting patients and HCPs? Are they feeling the squeeze from the latest escalation in the pharma-PBM-insurer wars? How are they responding?

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