I just returned from a month-long vacation in South East Asia and during my travels, it was evident that I was not alone in touring this ever-popular travel destination. While there were many backpackers like myself flooding the beaches, temples and other tourist spots, it was surprising to learn how increasingly popular medical tourism has become.

Leading the South East Asian countries in medical tourism are Thailand and Singapore which offer significantly lower procedural costs in comparison to neighbouring countries. The quality of care has also improved in these countries, resulting in more recognition from Western countries. I had the opportunity to visit both Thailand and Singapore during my vacation and it was hard to miss the strips of cosmetic surgery clinics lined up beside each other on either side of the street. Clinics offered a wide range of procedures from liposuction to facial injectables, which make up a portion of the many cosmetic and other medical procedures that attract tourists from countries such as Australia or Malaysia.

So if you ever find yourself venturing to this part of the world, know that you are not alone. There are many others visiting, perhaps not in search for good weather or exotic sights, but for a more affordable medical procedure.

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