Despite existing in some form for the last few years, Obamacare continues to be a hot topic, and is the focus of countless articles, blogs, and maybe a few uninformed rants on both sides. We've written about it a number of times as well it will have some sort of effect on most medical device markets in the US. One interesting and unique perspective I came across recently in the Economist was the purported positive impact that Obamacare will have on income distribution in the US; one study claims that that those in the lowest income classes will see their income rise, while the wealthier Americans will see their incomes decline modestly.

But enough of the serious stuff. In addition to reading through more seriously written Obamacare articles, I've also collected a few more entertaining articles that have come through my inbox there's nothing like learning about a major health care overhaul in one of the world's major powers through political cartoons. I shared my first instalment a couple months ago here are a few new articles that I've come across since then.

  • In an effort to appeal to the younger demographic, President Obama recently appeared on Between Two Ferns with Zach Galifianakis to promote Obamacare and encourage young people to enrol in health insurance exchanges through
  • The satirical newspaper The Onion recently posted an article called Nation Recalls Simpler Time When Health Care System Was Broken Beyond Repair. The title says it all, really.
  • Finally, Obamacare was also recently blamed for the planned roll-out of ICD-10 codes in October. Although a lot of recent changes in health care stem from the Affordable Care Act, the rollout of ICD-10 codes has nothing to do with Obamacare.

Have any funny articles to contribute? Let us know in the comments below.

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