Back in 1919, RSNA was host to the first technical exhibition of X-ray technology. It may be surprising to note that even back then, more than nineteen companies were on hand to display exciting new innovations in this space a significant number considering the discovery of the medium took place just prior to the turn of the century. And over the years the annual RSNA meeting has seen the unveiling of countless marvels of medical technology. Whether it was the demonstration of the first CT system in 1972, or the birth of MRI shortly thereafter, RSNA has been the setting of choice for scientists and manufacturers to share their developments for the past 100 years.

Fast forward to 2014, where almost 700 companies were present at McCormick Place in Chicago to showcase new products. Here are a few (not exhaustive!) new things we saw last week.

Although Carestream Health is a significant player in the diagnostic imaging space, up until this point they've been a single-modality player in the general radiography arena. The company generated buzz at the conference with a demonstration of their new Touch premium ultrasound system. The system has the distinctive clean look characteristic of the company's other equipment, and features a touchscreen control system rather than buttons and a keyboard.  Look for Carestream to leverage its considerable presence in the US health care market with a mid- to late-2015 launch of this new device.

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