Among the more unique presentations so far at the 2013 Radiological Society of North America (RSNA) annual meeting has been Siemens Healthcare's display of some body MRI techniques. Aided by the presence of a liver the size of a small cow, Siemens highlighted its FREEZEit solution to increase spatial and temporal resolution of MRI scans of cancer lesions.

For instance, the StarVIBE feature addresses issues with shifting of the organ during imaging. As Siemens notes, the liver can rise and fall a significant amount while the patient breathes. To illustrate this, the giant liver on display moves up and down in a captivating and slightly hypnotic fashion.

In addition, as blood is pumped into the liver, contrast agent is delivered with each beat. The TWIST-VIBE feature alleviates the problem with not capturing images at the right moments, ensuring that small lesions are not overlooked (as if on cue, the enormous liver lights up with a network of contrast-enhanced vessels).

While this display proved engaging and informative, attendees (including myself) were disappointed with a large "do not touch" sign next to the liver. Given the degree of fascination with the display, it was probably for the best.


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