The great thing about coming to RSNA is that it offers you the chance to see and experience a vast array of innovative equipment in person. Interactive exhibits in particular are a fantastic way to demonstrate a product's features. And let's face it, it's also usually a lot of fun. With more and more vendors focusing on ease-of-use and user satisfaction, even a non-physician like me can work some of this equipment.

As the conference was wrapping up yesterday I got a chance to try my hand at performing a breast biopsy over at the Hologic booth. Understandably, both from an ethical as well as logistical standpoint, I worked on a turkey breast with an olive inserted in it.

Armed with a Hologic Celero biopsy device, and guided by ultrasound (as well as two friendly Hologic reps), I inserted the needle and pressed a couple of buttons. The result

"I'm afraid you missed the olive. That's just Turkey breast."

Dejected, and with colleagues laughing, I started to walk away. My coaches, however, wouldn't let my last experience at RSNA 2013 be a failure. At their urging I gave it one last shot.

Nothing but pimento.

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