As HCP resource needs and information-seeking behaviors become increasingly sophisticated, marketers need to understand not just the fundamentals of a successful digital content strategy, but also the nuances of creating standout digital engagements.

Providing product information and services on brand websites may have proved sufficient to attract physician traffic in the past, but today’s HCP demands a wider array of patient-related and value-added digital resources from pharma.

Beyond promoting the first tier of resources that are critical to supporting prescribing decisions and patient discussions, marketers can enhance their digital offerings with a second tier of additional value-added, patient, and beyond-the-pill content that will strengthen pharma-physician relationships going forward.


The Physician Digital Content Strategy report, by DRG Digital Senior Analyst Jeff Wray, details what physicians want from pharma digital experiences and how to stand apart from the competition.

Key topics covered: 

  • The Bottom Line on Physician Content Marketing
  • Pharma Resources in Demand by Physicians
  • Best Practices for Content Placement
  • Beyond the Pill Services

Analysis can be cut by 25+ specialist types


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