How can commercial teams start to evolve their approach to physician targeting? Here are a few recommendations to consider:

Right-size your influence analysis

How deep is deep enough? Each layer of discovery creates more questions, but right- size your analysis with these lenses:

  • What are your use cases, and which influence layers map to those objectives?
  • How quickly might you need to pivot your current strategy? What is your team’s ability to react and change?
  • How easily will you be able to activate a new strategy, and get it out to your salesforce? How often can you roll out changes to plans?

Plan for sales adoption in waves

  • Give field teams a tailored message at every step of commercial adoption – and a narrative that reflects they understand the flow of the patient within the physicians’ network. Keep in mind that the script should evolve as the target list evolves.

Operationalize your targeting plan

Who are you calling on and how frequently? How will you measure progress and success, and how the market continues to evolve? Consider setting up:

  • A dashboard that tracks publications and new influential authors
  • A survey to identify and understand KOLs as identified by their peers
  • Social intelligence to track sentiment

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