Welcome back from the holidays and happy new year! To get us back into the groove, I thought I would start with a few medtech-related articles that I don?t have much to say about, but are interesting nonetheless. Ever wondered which companies are the top medtech competitors? How the FDA is doing at lowering device review times? What new controversy surrounds the digital medtech age these days? Check out the articles below.

  1. MD+DI came up with a really interesting list of the top 40 medical device companies worldwide. Clinica also came up with its list of top 100 medtech companies. With slightly different methodology, Clinica's list was a bit different, although both lists agree on the top four companies: Johnson & Johnson, GE Healthcare, Siemens Healthcare, and Medtronic. Medtronic continues to be the largest ?pure-play? medtech manufacturer, although it suffered, along with Boston Scientific, due to problems in the CRM device market.
  2. Remember that you can use Google Trends to compare the interest in some of these companies over time. For example, here's one MassDevice did in November.
  3. After much uproar surrounding device approval times in the US, the FDA recently committed to lowering times for 510(k) clearance and premarket approval (PMA). The FDA recently released a report showing that it is in fact making progress, with approval times decreasing during 2011 after reaching a peak in 2010.
  4. We?ve touched on some of the issues with more digitalized medical technology before?for example, issues with hacking. Another interesting question this brings up is whether the data obtained from these devices belongs to the patients or not. You can listen to a short discussion on the topic here.

I think that's it for now, and hopefully everyone enjoyed a happy holiday season!

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