A couple articles have recently caught my eye that I would love to share. They?ve been gathering dust in my ?Blog Ideas? folder though because they pretty much stand on their own and don?t require much more insight from me or our therapy experts. In an effort to clean out the clutter though, here you go: random medtech article round-up, summer 2012 edition.

  1. MD+DI recently published this interesting SWOT analysis on the US medical device industry. Of note, regulatory standards made an appearance as both a strength and a weakness?while the FDA is plagued by its own set of problems , FDA approval is still viewed as an important milestone for a device's efficacy, and other countries? regulators and physicians will often hold off on approving/adopting the product until they see the stance of the FDA. The medical device excise tax was (of course) mentioned as a weakness, while the emerging BRIC markets made an appearance as both an opportunity and a threat.
  2. I was recently sent this fun infographic about the use of technology, such as smart phones, to educate patients. The rise of mobile medtech solutions was identified as a top ten trend in the medical device industry in 2012, and many medtech manufacturers have gotten on board by creating apps for smartphones. Our sister company Manhattan Research is an expert in this space.
  3. There has been a lot of talk about the health care reform in the US, particularly after the Supreme Court upheld the Affordable Care Act (and therefore the medical device excise tax). Our friends at HealthLeaders InterStudy know a lot about this topic?take a look at their health care reform blog for some of their insight.
  4. Prepayment audits, which we?ve discussed before , are now being rolled out across some US states. Originally slated to begin in January 2012, these audits are anticipated to hit coronary and orthopedic procedures the hardest.

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