So apparently it's spring in Toronto now, although you wouldn?t know from the horrible, horrible cold wind that's been whipping around the city the last few days. I?m probably a bigger fan of winter than a lot of people, but I?m feeling pretty ready for warmer weather now?come on, Spring!
Anyway, here's this season's edition of random medtech articles. Check out the links below for information on worldwide obesity, the medtech companies with the happiest employees, and the latest updates on the medical device excise tax.
  1. I really liked this videographic on obesity that the Economist did. Obesity has been gaining a lot of attention from medtech companies lately, especially as a potential treatment for diabetes.
  2. We talk about the various medtech companies a lot, but rarely in terms of which company has the happiest employees. Apparently it's Johnson & Johnson, with an average score of 3.5/5. Abbott, Medtronic, Edwards Lifesciences, GE Healthcare, and Stryker also did well.
  3. What's the latest and greatest on the much-hated 2.3% excise tax? Yes, the industry is still trying to get it repealed, and they claim that they?re making progress. Meanwhile, medtech companies are lowering their estimates of how much the tax will cost them.  Oh, and Pope Francis got in on the debate.
  4. One more: here's an infographic on what killed people the most throughout the 20th century. Although some of these things medtech can?t help with (ideology, including communism and fascism, was estimated to have killed about 142 million people through the century), cardiovascular disease claimed about 1.25 billion lives.

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