We previously mentioned that in both 2010 and 2011, the economy in the US has looked its best in the first quarter before suffering setbacks as the summer approaches. That seems to be exactly what has happened this year, with increases in jobs and consumer confidence in the US throughout the first few months of the year before slowdowns in the second quarter. Nonetheless, it looks like facilities weren't taking the optimistic first quarter results for granted confidence in medtech in Q1 was slightly positive, but relatively unchanged since Q4 2011.

It seems that this stable Q1 metric is really a reflection of everyone holding their breaths to see what happens in Q2. Will jobs be able to maintain their growth, Will Greece, Spain, and Italy (among others) be able to tolerate the austerity measures and pull themselves out of their debt problems Will the European Central Bank's efforts to prevent the problems in the region from causing another global financial meltdown continue to be successful

Well, things aren't looking so good for Q2. We mentioned above that job growth in the US has slowed down once again. On top of that, continued problems throughout Europe, and particularly in Greece and Spain, have caused the eurozone GDP to go on a bit of a roller coaster ride. So I think we would be lucky if these confidence levels can be maintained.

For more details on MRG's Q1 2012 MCI results, please take a look here.

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