How can pharmas build trust with U.S. physicians? That’s one of the meatier topics we dug into with this year’s iteration of our Manhattan Research Taking the Pulse U.S. study, which we’re publishing this week. It’s for client eyes only, but here’s a peek: One thing that really jumped out at us when we were poring over the data on this question was the relationship between trusted partner status and a perception among physicians that a company provides quality, up-to-date information and services online.

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It’s no mistake that among the 30 companies we looked at, the three most trusted – Bristol-Myers Squibb, Biogen and Celgene – are all highly-focused firms working on the frontiers of medical science (BMS in oncology and immunoscience, Biogen and Celgene in neurodegenerative disorders). It really drove home for us the halo effect that adding value online has on a company’s brand.

To a degree, the pharma-physician relationship is inherently adversarial -- pharmas are not disinterested parties, of course, so it’s natural that physicians should regard them with a little healthy skepticism. But it’s also inherently collegial, as physicians rely on pharmas for cutting edge info about their products and the ailments they treat. This finding shows that when pharmas help physicians better serve their patients by staying up to date and building their knowledge base online, they’re also building bridges to these key stakeholders.

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