In October, I reviewed some of Broadway's most buzz-worthy musical comedies and paired them with their gastronomical counterparts for the consummate New York Dinner-and-a-Show experience. With DRG's NYC Market Access Seminar fast approaching, now would be a good time to book your tickets and put in your reservations for some more unforgettable meals and timeless theater:

This Tony-nominated revival charts the timeline of Argentina's First Lady Eva Peron on her meteoric journey from rags-to-sainthood. Despite high expectations from the 1979 original and Madonna-led film adaptation, this Tony-nominated operetta holds its own with solid performances by Broadway-staple Michael Cerveris as President Juan Peron and Latino pop icon Ricky Martin as Che. It has been praised and nominated for its added tango numbers in a musical formerly renowned for a lack of choreographed routines, which backed by an infallible chorus line and grand set decoration, adds to the spirit of the original and reflects the sentiment of the era.

Feel free to cry for your meal at Chimichurri Grill
Take your own Rainbow Tour of Argentinian cuisine at Chimichurri Grill just two blocks away from the Marquis Theatre on 1535 Broadway.  Named after the tangy sauce partnered with all of their steaks, the cuisine is an all-around good bet, but namely the Churrasco Argentino ? a thinly tenderized filet mignon topped with their pseudonymous sauce ? and the beef or chicken empanadas to start.

Mamma Mia!
You would never guess that a score based entirely on ABBA hits could be so fluently woven into a twisting, turning comedy plot that explores the relationships between friends, couples, a mother, a daughter and at least three father figures. Mamma Mia! is the story of fatherless bride-to-be Sophie who, upon reading her mother's old diary, discovers three potential paternal candidates and invites them to her Greek-island wedding. In addition to positive critical and public reception, its 11-year-long run on Broadway is testament to the effortless fun and guaranteed good time that accompany this disco-backed frolic through the Mediterranean.

Take a Chance on Me Dafni Taverna
Bring your pre- or post-show appetite to Dafni Greek Taverna to pleasantly counterbalance the bright and flashy production. While this small Greek restaurant sits right in the heart of one of the world's biggest tourist destinations, you would never guess based on the reasonable prices alone and supplemented by an all-Greek wine list and menu, comfortable atmosphere and precise but friendly staff.  The appetizers are especially good here but be sure to opt for the Haloumi (Cyriot cheese embedded in grape leaves) or Octopadi (octopus dressed in red wine and herbs).

For more suggestions on your NYC evening entertainment following the Market Access Seminar, check out or Act 1 of this series.

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