Friday marked the end of the NASS annual meeting 2014 in beautiful San Francisco. I don't know if it's the gorgeous dinners I've managed to experience or the incredibly interesting folks I was able to speak with this week, but I am feeling in a privileged and humbled position and want to share with you some of my thoughts at the end of this year's meeting.

Make no mistake, there are certainly elements of conference attendance that are always going to be completely selfish: the travel, exploration of a different culture, and indulgence in the arts being primary suspects. If you look below the surface though, you can see the men and women that fuel an economy, completely consumed by their objectives. For the most part, these objectives are honorable. Observing doctors candidly addressing the misuse of healthcare dollars and vociferously advocating the prioritization of standard of care over all other variables in the continuum of care is refreshing. Listening to device innovators who offer solutions to the suffering patient population reminds me that what I do as a strategic data partner is important. I am under no illusion that this is not a business-driven environment, but I refuse to get lost in the cynicism that impedes my positive perception of the healthcare industry. Every day, hardworking and dedicated folks invest their time and energy into improving the standard of life for their fellow man, and it doesn't get said enough, or written about enough.

I feel incredibly privileged to have had the opportunity to bend the ear of a few who have dedicated their professional and often personal lives towards the betterment of the human existence, and I also feel privileged to be afforded to opportunity to play a miniscule part in that betterment. Thank you NASS.

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