Decision Resources Group’s medtech analysts are active on social media and on industry-leading forums. Be sure to check Principal Analyst Jason Lau’s two-part series on MedDevice Online on how the new Republican era will affect medtech.

Part 1 focuses on how a key campaign promise, the ACA repeal, will affect medtech. Jason focuses on the end of Medicaid expansion and the individual mandate, reduced access to preventative health services, and the suspension of bundled payments.

Part 2 focuses on how potential tax reform and trade policy will affect medtech. The border adjustment tax, which would apply to all products in the US and is aimed at eliminating tax advantages gained by company relocation, and a “very major” border tax (i.e., tariff) are elucidated and applied to the bottom line of medtech companies in Jason’s analysis. He also discusses how Mexico and China, two targets of trade ire during the campaign, play a role in the US medtech industry and how trade policies can harm or hinder a business’s performance at home and abroad.

Well researched, comprehensive, and backed by years of providing industry insight, DRG knows medtech. Be prepared and in the know for this new political landscape.

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