Digital marketing is no longer one more box to check—digital technology touches each stage of a brand’s commercial arc, from clinical trials to end of patent. Follow these pointers as you plot your brand’s digital strategy:

  1. Pushing a product is so last century. Patients and physicians alike need you to be their partner in care. In the pre-mobile era of TV ads and sales reps, marketing was a monologue. In a digital world, marketing is a dialogue, and the goal of providers, payers, and pharmas alike is patient engagement. Keeping patients in-network, on-treatment, and out of the hospital requires all parties to maintain that dialogue through resources that anticipate and address patient needs. Likewise, even as hospitals and health systems draw ever-tighter restrictions on rep-physician interaction, doctors and other prescribers are eager for help—43% of U.S. physicians have used patient-centered, value-added support from pharma. Maximize investment in these resources and customer engagement by driving utilization through the sales force.
  1. Keep it clean, simple, and useful. Today’s healthcare consumer expects as frictionless an online user experience from insurers, hospitals, and pharmas as they do from JetBlue or American Express—59% of U.S. online consumers agree that “I expect the healthcare system to offer the same level of customer service I receive at a service-oriented company like” In an ever-more complex and time-crunched healthcare environment, factors like findability, accessibility, ease of navigation, and elegance aren’t extras but essentials.

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