• Adidas buys Austrian fitness app Runtastic for $240 million. The mobile health app calls itself your “ideal health and fitness partner” and offers an array of tracking tools to help one meet their exercise goals. Adidas now finds itself following in the footsteps of companies like Under Armor which bought MapMyFitness, MyFitnessPal, and Endomondo over the span of the last two years, which, according to mobihealthnews, gives it “a major foothold in food, nutrition, and fitness tracking as well as in the European fitness app market.”
  • Conditions thousands of miles above the ground can be pretty turbulent, but the American Chemical Society announced flexible wearables that can withstand the harsher and unpredictable conditions experienced by military pilots. They provide remote and real-time data on an individual’s vital signs. mHealthIntelligence reports that these new additions to mobile health technology will be revolutionary not only for the armed forces, but for healthcare providers in general such as hospitals.
  • Sony is no stranger to the wearables game as its SmartBand has been on the market for over a year. However, this week the company unveiled its second iteration of the device: the SmartBand 2. Users will be able to track heart rate heart rate variability, movements, and quality of sleep. They can even pair the band with their smartphones (Apple and Android operating systems are both compatible). This bears a striking resemblance to the A300 Fitness Watch from Polar, which can do the same things.

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