• Legislative factors at the state level are a lot of what’s holding up telemedicine adoption. If you’ve ever wondered the exact status of laws regarding telemedicine in, say, Nebraska, the American Telemedicine Association’s got you covered with an exhaustive 98-page report. Juicy stuff!
  • J&J’s LifeScan is running a clinical trial on its OneTouch Verio blood glucose meter and companion app, hoping to demonstrate that the app-and-meter combo is more effective at lowering A1C levels than the meter alone.
  • JAMA and BMJ throwing shade at the use of apps for condition management – show us the data that says they work, say the journals.
  • In tandem with his precision medicine initiative, the President is pushing Congress to let Medicare negotiate drug prices directly. Not sure how much chance this has of becoming law anytime soon (“PhRMA Lobbyist Full Employment Act of 2015,” anyone?), but it’s another indication that alarm bells are ringing over the cost of specialty drugs in Washington.
  • Atul Gawande revisits McAllen, TX, the town he made notorious as an exemplar of fee-for-service medicine’s failings, and finds signs of post-ACA change.
  • And an MIT researcher is trying to turn  HCPs into hackers making their own low-cost homebrew diagnostic tools.

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