•  Hospitals aren’t waiting for the Internet of Things to deliver environmental monitoring of patients – they’re building it now using off-the-shelf tech to track vitals and building algorithms to assess risk.
  • Because pharmas are the visible tip of the health costs iceberg to most consumers, people blame pharmas, rather than insurers for medication costs (and the insurance lobby is OK with that).
  • An FDA advisory panel recommended approval of Sanofi/Regeneron’s Praluent, albeit for an extremely narrow indication (including those at risk for familial hypercholesterolemia). If approved, it would be the first in a new class of cholesterol drugs that formulary decision makers fear will prove extremely costly.
  • Legislation moving through Congress would speed up drug development by lowering the bar for clinical trials, and there’s a number of other goodies for industry in there (like provisions that would repeal the medical device tax and Sunshine Act reporting requirements in the ACA). But some strange bedfellows are cautioning against it.

A novel approach to treating neurodegenerative disease

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