• FDA has issued two more draft guidances on social media – these ones addressing character-constrained formats like Twitter and how companies can correct misinformation from third parties online. Here’s our first read of it, and here’s coverage from Pharmalot, Regulatory Focus and Bloomberg.
  • Sanofi and Medtronic are forming a diabetes partnership centered on disease management. Medtronic brings pumps and continuous monitoring tech to the table, while Sanofi brings its array of insulins and drugs for diabetes (along with some tech chops of their own, having developed the iBGStar and GoMeals app). Some interesting quotes about where Sanofi’s going with this here.
  • Google is jumping into the health data aggregation platform fray as they prepare to unveil Google Fit, which will go up against Apple’s HealthKit and Samsung’s SAMI platforms.
  • And mobihealthnews has a deep dive on what Apple’s HealthKit covers and what it doesn’t, along with a look at how tech for continuous monitoring of glucose, pulse and hydration are coming along.
  • WebMD’s Healthy Target add-on to their consumer app takes tracker data and translates it into “actionable insights.”
  • Glucose monitor + insulin pump + iPhone 4S running meal logger app = bionic pancreas, says a pair of studies presented at the annual meeting of the American Diabetes Association.
  • HHS Secretary Sylvia Burwell won confirmation a couple weeks back, and ACOs and connected care stakeholders are beseeching her to tear down barriers to telehealth reimbursement for Medicare and Medicaid.
  • And former ONC chief/health IT genius Farzad Mostashari is launching a startup that will help indie primary care physicians form and join ACOs.
  • Burn! Cannes to pharma: no Lion Gold award for you! The pharma jury at the inaugural Cannes health advertising awards said basically no one in the entire global industry is producing beautiful, exciting creative deserving of a Cannes-level kudos.


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