• Google introduces Baseline, an effort to benchmark the healthy human body at the molecular level. Google is betting that diagnostics is the next big thing in healthcare. Can they  uncover all of the biomarkers and become the, er, Google of genomics?
  • Meanwhile, 23andMe just got 1.4 million from the NIH to upgrade their database and share data with researchers looking for genetic disease factors – despite their disagreements with FDA over the banned health-centered version of their test.
  • HealthTap is launching Prime, an anytime video consults service, for $99 per month. Participating doctors are compensated based on volume of patients seen and how patients rate them, ala Uber.
  • Physicians (and pharmas) are beginning to sweat the details on how physician payments data will be disclosed under the Sunshine Act and want CMS to clarify it for them.
  • “Delinking the big pharma model” through mammoth innovation prizes for new antibiotics is one idea for fixing a broken business model for antibiotics development.
  • Worries about social media chatter among enrollees compromising clinical trials
  • The ACA has helped fund a surge of new nurses to address the physician shortage. Also rushing into the breach are Doctors of Osteopathy.
  • …or is there even a physician shortage? An Institutes of Medicine panel says NPs and PAs will be enough to take care of aging Boomers and the influx of formerly uninsured.
  • Some interesting thinking about physician psychology and engagement here. Pharmas will be doing a lot of “Addressing economic self-interest” as they promote product-plus add-ons that promise improved adherence or outcomes.
  • Hospital giant HCA says that the number of uninsured patients they’re seeing has dropped by nearly 50% in states that accepted the Medicaid expansion under the ACA.

DRG becomes Clarivate

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