Sana Siddiqui and I returned to Paris last week to attend an aesthetic conference, IMCAS 2015. Similar to last year, Sana delivered a presentation at the Industry Tribune, sharing insights from both our aesthetic market coverage as well as from a custom survey we had designed in collaboration with IMCAS, looking into the trends of combination treatment usage in the US, Europe, Russia and China. In addition to the Tribune presentation, IMCAS also invited me to present at a separate session that focused solely on cosmeceuticals. Being the only market research individual in that particular session, I was able to provide both the physicians and manufacturers in the audience with some insights into the global markets for cosmeceuticals, as well as some detailed patient insights into what products they use, why they use it, how they use it, etc. Both of our presentations seemed to have been well-received, so it was another very successful year for us at IMCAS! 🙂

While at the conference, I've been sitting in on lots of sessions and learning about some of the most recent hot topics. Here are some highlights from the conference:

  • Same as last year, Sinclair Pharma sponsored a session where they had a live demo of their newest aesthetic product, a cosmetic thread called Silhouette Soft. This session seemed really packed; the room was literally overflowing and people were standing in all the aisles and in the doorway just to have a peek. I have to say that the patient in that session was very brave; with a couple hundred physicians in the room all staring at her, she allowed a dermatologist to pierce her skin multiple times to place these threads into her brow and cheek areas to demonstrate the non-surgical facial lift effect these threads have. It was pretty amazing to watch, albeit also a bit gruesome for those who aren't medically trained and aren't used to see needles and sutures and blood (i.e. me and Sana!)
  • There were a lot of talks focused on fat autografting and PRP (platelet-rich-plasma) therapies, for both breast augmentation and facial rejuvenation treatments. The aesthetics team has been keeping an eye on the PRP side of things for a few years now, so it was very neat to see sessions devoted to this topic.
  • Fake/counterfeit products were another huge area of discussion this year. Last year, Dr. Benjamin Ascher had initiated a coalition to fight against these products, and it looks like he's still going full steam ahead with this. Multiple sessions were devoted to helping physicians identify which products were fake, where they were being made, and what the packaging looks like. One astonishing fact, as told by Dr. Song, Fake products make up 10% of all aesthetics products sold in China, but they are the cause of 80% of all complications. Wow!
  • A new dermatological product, Universkin, made its debut at this conference. Designed to be fully customizable, the product range includes a single universal serum, a wide selection of active ingredients in the form of pharmaceutical-grade powders (e.g. antioxidants, Vitamin E), and a vortex mixer. The concept is for physicians to select the active ingredients, use the vortex mixer, and add them to the serum to create a fully customized cream for each patient based on their skin needs. Because these powderized active ingredients are added at the last minute (i.e. right before it's given to the patient), this product line contains no chemical preservatives. Very cool!

Those were just a few highlights from the many, many talks that were held at the conference this year. It was another great experience to attend the conference, and we look forward to partnering up with IMCAS again for next year's conference!

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