On a rather cold and slushy March day in Cologne, Germany, the bi-annual International Dental Show (IDS) kicked off for a full week of everything dental. With over 2,000 exhibitors, the IDS is the only international conference for all products dental. While some companies are promoting dental implants, others have large booths dedicated to electric toothbrushes or multi-colored dental equipment (e.g., dental chairs or lights). And despite the major snowstorm that hit the northern parts of Europe (including Germany), there is huge attendance from both the manufacturers and dentist visitors.

I?m particularly excited to see what new digital dental products will be on display?many vendors have been known to launch their newest and most innovative products through the conference. Digital dentistry is definitely the new trend in dental, with many companies attending the conference to promote their CAD/CAM related hardware, software, and consumables. 

In addition to this, I?ve noticed a large number of new dental implant companies that I hadn?t heard of before. Many of their implants are sold at substantially lower prices than the average on the market (think 59 euros compared to 150 euros!). While some are local German companies, others are international companies from Israel or South Korea that are looking to expand through Europe and the Middle East. With this in mind, it looks like price competition in the dental implant markets will remain aggressive?and the premium players are going to have to watch out.

MRG will be at the conference until the end of the week, so check back tomorrow for more updates!

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