• Ten big pharmas are collaborating with NIH on a five-year effort to create a Google Maps of human disease and lay the foundations for innovative treatments in Alzheimer's, type 2 diabetes, RA and lupus. It's a big step forward for an historically atomized industry of insular, secretive companies and one born of necessity.
  • For all the talk about the Target data breach and other recent retail break-ins, health data is ground zero for data theft, and the nation's health IT networks are highly insecure. Will data security worries prompt patients to shy away from PHRs and stymie government health IT initiatives
  • EHRs may be causing docs to miss important verbal cues in consults with patients because they're looking at the screen, not at the patient. Around these parts, we sometimes talk about EHRs as a fourth screen for physicians one that's having a huge impact on physician screen flow throughout the workday.
  • Interesting piece on health gaming apps as a tool for disease education and promoting adherence. Though it skews young and varies by condition, there's a substantial audience for digital health games from pharma, and potentially big gains for both patient health and the bottom line in companies and agencies can get it right.
  • So now we have a little (draft) guidance from FDA on pharmas and social media. But Mobihealthnews smartly asks: should pharmas be doing more in social.
  • Millennium President Anna Protopapas tells PharmExec's Bill Looney that: The pressure to quantify value is coming from multiple fronts. Private and non-profit insurers, PBMs and managed care providers are no longer complacent, third party participants in a system where costs are simply passed on to others. Patients are bearing more of the direct cost of care, so they too expect an explicit connection between investment and outcome. Yep. Cost will be increasingly in the foreground of pharma strategy and messaging.
  • Not just the iWatch but also Apple's iOS8 will be all about health and fitness self-tracking, says a reliable Macwatching source.

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