The 34th Heart Rhythm Society (HRS) conference was held in Denver this year, bringing physicians and industry from across the globe to the mile high city. One thing I really enjoyed about this conference was the reunion feel to it; it seemed that everywhere I turned old friends were meeting up, exchanging hugs and catching up. Strengthening that sense that you were at a giant reunion were the new Pioneers Unplugged sessions. I attended two of these sessions?Pioneers in Pacing and Pioneers in Ablation?and it was obvious that the popularity of both sessions had been underestimated. They were held in the Exhibit Hall, and in both sessions I attended, all seats were filled and crowds of people stood nearby to take part in the sessions.  In these sessions, the pioneers of their respective fields shared stories, and it felt as though a wise elder was telling you the history of the family?the electrophysiology community, in this case. For example, I heard the story of where the idea for the first irrigated-tip catheter came from, and how five years after a physician called up Will Webster asking for a catheter with the ability to cool the tissue to enable the treatment of larger lesions, Will Webster called the physician to say, ?I have your catheter?. It was great experience to listen to the stories of these leaders in their fields, and if the size of the audience attending these special sessions is any indication, I suspect next year we?ll see them expanding to a larger platform.

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