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We just completed our ePharma Consumer® Digital Brand Perception study, which looks at patient perception of top Rx brands’ customer experience and digital assets across four condition groups – rheumatoid arthritis, cancer, MS and diabetes. There are some fascinating inconsistencies between them. For example:

  • Doctors were the most-cited source of treatment awareness for cancer, MS and diabetes patients – but not for RA patients, among whom TV ads just edged out doctors. TV was the clear Number Two among Rx awareness sources for cancer and diabetes patients, but for MS patients, print ads are on par with TV. General health websites and search are also important sources of awareness, and we know that consumers go online to research treatments once they’re aware of them.
  • Cancer patients and diabetes patients place a premium on doctor recommendations in making medical decisions, while RA and MS patients are more concerned with tolerability, cost and coverage. We asked patients which factors were most important to them when picking a medication. Doctor recommendations were top of mind for cancer patients, and second only to insurance coverage for diabetes patients. For MS and RA patients, tolerability of side effects was Number One, followed by insurance coverage.
  • Even brands winning the awareness game in these categories have work to do on their websites. Among those MS, RA and cancer patients using the brands most requested by name in each category, the top complaint was unhelpful websites. By contrast, the top complaint among patients using the most-requested diabetes brand was that of having trouble getting insurance to pay for treatment.

Where does your brand stand, and what are your patients’ pain points? Find out more about these reports here, and if you want to benchmark a brand that’s not in these four categories, talk to us about a custom report.


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