Here is the second blog posting of four to highlight findings from a recently published report entitled TreatmentTrends: Type 2 Diabetes (US). This report provides insights into physician perceptions of type 2 diabetes, based on primary market research of 102 U.S. Endocrinologists (ENDOs) and 55 U.S. PCPs. For this week, here is a key question and summary findings from the report:

  • How does each product in the study perform against competitors on ten different product attributes? How do the ratings differ between ENDOs and PCPs?

    • TreatmentTrends: Type 2 Diabetes (US) evaluates importance across ten product attributes against ten common products used in the treatment of diabetes.* The study found that across all surveyed physicians, low risk of hypoglycemia is an important stated attribute but is lower in a derived importance analysis. Strength of clinical data, experience / track record, and knowledgeable, helpful sales representatives are actually more important in a derived importance analysis. Here is a sample slide, showing product performance against an extremely important attribute in the treatment of Type 2 Diabetes.
    • Please see additional information in the report regarding the level of product satisfaction and regarding what physicians recall hearing from manufacturer sales representatives. For example, the study found that at least 40 percent of surveyed physicians have seen a sales representative in the past month across 11 products in the survey; however, physicians were more likely to see Novo Nordisk's NovoLog and Merck's Januvia sales representatives in the past month, compared with representatives from Bristol-Myers Squibb/AstraZeneca's Byetta and Onglyza.


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