DRG - Hix by the Numbers

ExchangeLivesInfographic_UHC650x420Facing the loss of hundreds of millions of dollars, UnitedHealth is considering leaving Obamacare which will throw a wrench into the President’s domestic policy. DRG’s Bill Melville weighs in on the news:

UnitedHealth is experience the same pains as most exchange insurers. Enrollees are older and sicker than expected, and young people have not signed up in numbers need to blunt that impact. If UnitedHealth followed through on its threat, its departure could impact exchanges where it had made enrollment gains, but those people would likely migrate to other plans, just as we’re seeing in 2016 open enrollment, where the volume of failed CO-OPs has forced hundreds of thousands of enrollees to shop for new plans.

UnitedHealth’s potential departure would not be a death blow, but it would be detrimental to competition in many of its markets. (More at Bloomberg.com http://bloom.bg/1l7iSeU)

Is this the first shoe to drop? Tell us what you think.

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