I was wracking my brain this morning to come up with an appropriate Halloween-themed blogpost that was somehow related to medical devices. The pharma industry has it easy the so-called zombie virus creates a great opportunity for a spooky, yet relevant blog entry. As I was checking out people's costumes on my way into work this morning though it suddenly came to me: vampire face lifts.

Although more technically this procedure refers to injecting platelet rich plasma to promote natural collagen production, the idea of using blood as a dermal filler has prompted this procedure to be dubbed the vampire face lift by the media and given the hype around vampires these days, that's no doubt useful to the companies who have developed these techniques. Previously used for more serious medical conditions like nerve, muscle, or bone repair and regeneration, two companies have now developed products specifically for cosmetic facial injections, and these procedures are becoming increasingly popular.

Although the vampire face lift is not in direct competition with dermal fillers, it will nonetheless limit sales of more conventional dermal fillers to some extent because it is natural and therefore less likely to cause irregularities. Because the procedure is so new, however, the full extent of its popularity and impact on the dermal filler market are as of yet unknown, especially because a number of other new dermal filler techniques are also in development. This one does, however, certainly have the catchiest name.

Happy Halloween!

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