As we were unpacking our London office expansion, we came across some interesting data amuse-bouches in our European patient and physician studies, particularly around interest and adoption of voice assistants. One in six EU5 physicians is already asking Siri (and to a lesser degree, Google Assistant and Alexa) when they want to look up disease info and treatment guidelines, check their schedules or communicate with colleges hands-free -- and another 38% are interested in doing so. Huge demand on the consumer side drives home the need for pharma marketers in European markets to begin optimizing for voice search and thinking about how voice assistants will soon transform how patients and physicians alike find health information.

Check out our news release for more petites bouchées on this topic. If you'd like to learn more about our European patient, physician and payer studies and country-specific custom research, contact us at

Oh, and if you're in Barcelona for the EyeforPharma conference this week, be sure to look for Jeff Wray, our head of research for Europe and APAC, and Carlos Casanova, who leads our commercial initiatives in those markets. Jeff is leading a workshop on trends in marketing to European HCPs on Wednesday, March 14th from 12:10 to 1:15.

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