Earlier this month dental implant manufacturer AVINENT launched AVINENT Glass, an app for Google Glass that provides step-by-step information to the dentist during dental implant procedures in real time, guiding them through each stage of the surgery. The advantages of using Google Glass during dental implant procedures are numerous.  Most importantly, it is completely hands-free, relying solely on voice command, thus giving the dentist the freedom to work with their hands whilst accessing any pertinent information related to the surgery.

Secondly, the app works in conjunction with AVINENT dental implants, which are implanted with a QR code. The dentist scans the code and is given a wealth of information, such as the implant's size and batch number.
Lastly, the app has the capability to record the procedure from the point-of-view of the dentist, which could prove to be a very useful training tool for dentists new to the field of implantology. This is especially relevant given the trend that more and more general practitioners are entering the lucrative field of implant dentistry, as the patient population grows and awareness increases amongst dentists and patients alike.

According to the general manager of AVINENT, this is the first app for Google Glass in the field of implantology. It is interesting that the company is going the direction of creating an app that could have the potential to further add to the cost of a procedure that is already cost-prohibitive for many. That being said, it also has the potential to revolutionize implant dentistry by standardizing protocols, which in turn can improve outcomes and reduce patient discomfort. Will AVINENT reap the rewards of having the first app in the field of implantology. Will other major players in the space jump on the bandwagon and develop their own app. What will the uptake be like. While these are all questions that remain to be seen, what is certain is that the field of dental implantology is changing, and AVINENT appears to be leading the way.

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