There's been a lot of buzz the past year about telemedicine, wearable devices, and voice assistants changing how patients experience healthcare. Heck, my colleagues and I have been among the many to chime in on these technologies.

In spite of the buzz, there hasn't been much inquiry into these connected patients themselves. What do they look like? Are they different from other patients? How might an enterprising pharma marketer go about finding them?

At this year's 2018 DTC National conference, light will be shed on these questions, thanks to a never-before-conducted analysis of Manhattan Research patient data. (And, to be fair, a much-needed assist from our DRG graphic design center of excellence. You don't want to see my slides in raw form.)

The session, "From 'Alexa' to 'Wearables' – Engaging the Connected Patient" will debut on Day Two of the largest gathering of DTC pharma marketing professionals in the U.S. I've been working really hard on it, so I expect attendees (hopefully you) to walk away with a head full of ideas and a much deeper understanding of the people actually talking to Alexa and wearing the wearables.


If you register here using the code DRG10, you will get a 10% discount, which ain't bad.

Here's what you'll learn in the session:

  • Four truths about connected patients (and one lie)
  • Which U.S. region is home to nearly half of connected patients
  • The psychological profile of connected patients vs. the population overall
  • Why pharma websites are so important to this cohort
  • Which social media properties attract connected patients (and which don't ... sorry Snapchat)
  • The websites where connected patients surprisingly over-index

And I'm just one among a full agenda of speakers you likely haven't heard from before -- including presenters from Nestle, Conde Nast, Johns Hopkins, Takeda, Boehringer Ingelheim, GSK ... not to mention Facebook, Google, and NBC's Joy Bauer. Yes, the one from the Today show.

Needless to say, this year's edition of DTC National will be a critical learning event for U.S. patient marketers. Hoping to see you there!

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