With the ACC’s annual jamboree in full swing in Washington, here’s five things pharma should know about cardiologists, based on data from our ePharma Physician® study:

  • They value direct interaction with reps. Three in five (59%) prefer to get info about pre-launch drugs directly from pharma reps, compared to 38% of all physicians, and 72% prefer to access info on new drugs straight from the rep (vs. 62% of all physicians).
  • They have more, and shorter, meetings with tablet reps. Cardiologists reported an average 4 meetings with tablet reps in the past month, and an average meeting time of 9 minutes (to 3 meetings averaging 12 minutes for all physicians).
  • They like to do lunch. Nearly three in four (73%) rate lunch-and-learn meetings with reps as being influential on their prescribing decisions, compared to 54% of all physicians, and 53% rate scheduled appointments as influential (to 46% of all physicians).
  • Their patients are increasingly empowered but struggling with medication costs. Over half (52%) say their patients’ sensitivity to cost increased over the past 12 months, and 39% said their patients have become more informed about drug and treatment choices over the same period. Half (51%) say financial support is the most important type of support pharma can provide physicians over the next year, while just 37% of all physicians said the same.
  • Independent info sources are their go-to. When learning about prescription drugs online, cardiologists rely on pharma sources roughly half as much as they do independent sources (35%, vs. 65%). For context, that's pretty close to the average across all specialties (32%/68%), though some specialties lean on pharma a lot more for drug info.

The ePharma Physician® study covers 20+ specialties, and segmentations are available for all of our consumer and physician studies by therapy area or specialty, respectively. Want to learn more about the digital behavior and needs of your target audience? Contact us at digital@teamdrg.com.


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