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Prostate cancer is a commercially lucrative indication with a high diagnosed incidence. The drug treatment of prostate cancer has evolved rapidly over the last few years with the metastatic castrate-resistant prostate cancer (mCRPC) setting becoming increasingly crowded and competitive.

While strength of clinical data and patient characteristics and physician preferences play an important part in treatment selection, price, reimbursement, and market access restrictions to high-cost agents for prostate cancer are increasingly influential in European markets.

Therefore, as therapies seek to optimize their place in medical practice and the EU5 markets strive to tighten their healthcare belt, payers and prescribers must balance tightening budgets and evolving cost-containment policies with clinical need.

Here are a few interesting highlights from our recent payer research (payers were interviewed for the European Physician and Payer Forum report on prostate cancer):

  • Health authorities consider overall survival improvements over a suitable comparator the gold standard for benefit assessments. As well as survival data, quality of life data are considered to be of high importance.
  • Being able to preselect patients prior to administration of treatment is a significant advantage for a therapy during pricing and reimbursement negotiations.
  • Improving market access through the development of cost-sharing schemes will help developers achieve swifter uptake of newly approved drugs.

And, a significant finding from primary market research conducted for that same report revealed that the majority of surveyed physicians from the EU5 are able to prescribe their preferred branded agents in most mCRPC subpopulations without being inhibited by budgetary constraints.

Considering both the payer and the physician views will be a critical success factor for companies competing in—or looking to enter—the EU5 prostate market in 2016.


For more information, please see DRG’s European Physician and Payer Forum report “The Burgeoning Prostate Cancer Market in the EU5: How are Physicians and Payers Responding to an Expanding Arsenal of Therapeutic Agents?”

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