We recently completed our 2016 Taking the Pulse® Global study, which looks at physician digital behavior and preferences across 22 nations across Asia, Latin America, the Middle East and Africa, including China, India, Russia and Brazil. One of our most interesting findings this year was that the digital technology-fueled consumerization of healthcare is no longer a U.S. phenomenon – doctors around the world reported seeing higher levels of patient involvement in medical decision-making.

As a result, physician demand for patient resources is rising across the globe. This reinforces the need for pharma marketers to engage physicians with more than product and efficacy messaging and give them digital tools to help with patient care. In doing so, companies can help to differentiate their brands by adding value and extend physician engagement beyond the meeting room.

This year’s study also looked at the role of social networks and online videos as physician resources, non-product resources physicians look for from pharma companies, opportunities for pharma to deliver sponsored content on publisher websites, and tactical strategies to maximize the impact of sales rep details. We discussed some of the findings in a recent webinar, a recording of which you can find here.  For more information on the study, or to learn how DRG can help you reach the digital physician in global markets, email questions@teamdrg.com.

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