Welcome to a snowy and chilly China Interventional Therapeutics (CIT) conference in Beijing, China. Next year remember your coat, as it's cold both indoors and out: it's common to see people wearing winter jackets on the conference floor and in restaurants.

The conference facilities are beautiful and the hospitality from all CIT and related Beijing hosts is top notch there is an excitement in the air to welcome international attendance. Remnants of the Olympics remain as there is a view of the famous bird's nest national stadium from the conference centre.

Notable highlights today:

  • Physicians are primarily in sessions, leaving the exhibition hall pretty quiet most of the day a stark contrast to CIT's sister conference Transcatheter Cardiovascular Therapeutics (TCT)
  • An exciting marketing moment of the day was when Boston Scientific provided free giveaways with proof of attending their lunch session; this created buzz and resulted in national army guards managing the frenzy
  • Several startups are present, with over six new local brands presenting their technology on the floor, such as Medfavour, Reintech, and Kinhely

Local players are more interested in Europe for example, rather than market intelligence for their domestic market, China. The inverse is that the multinational companies are hungry for Chinese market data fundamentals. The collaboration between the multinational organizations and the local Chinese players is a work in progress, and differs based on company cultures.

Stay tuned, more to come from CIT 2013.

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