In our last blog we highlighted that understanding the budget implications of introducing new healthcare interventions needs to be a local and relevant conversation; and one that allows all stakeholders to engage in that conversation in an active, flexible, explorative way. Well, that all makes a lot of sense, but how do you actually do that in practice? Here are my three “must-make” moves on your route to having that explorative, successful conversation with the development of a budget impact model.

Focus on your stakeholder groups: Firstly, understand who you will be talking to. What are they likely to be interested in or concerned about?  Are they interested in the same slice of information as the last group you spoke with? A clinicians’ primary point of focus is likely to be different to that of a hospital manager, both perspectives equally valuable and both essential for you to engage with!

Move one: Ensure your budget impact models cater for a switch in perspectives.

Keep it relevant: is your budget impact model able to tailor the argument sufficiently so that your audience will engage?  Does your model allow your stakeholders to explore their concerns and examine their population?

Move two: Sourcing robust and accurate data at the most appropriate level of granularity will give your audience confidence. A budget impact model that allows easy selection of a region within a jurisdiction to set population figures, for example, keeps the conversation relevant and implies an additional credibility over simply typing in a guestimate.

Embrace flexibility: conversations have a natural flow, one can rarely predict where discussion will end up and gone are the days of “linear lock-in” where you only progress with a line of thinking one chunk at a time.  Having tools that support dynamic conversation are key.

Move three: Creative ways of navigating and layering presentations so just the right amount of information is displayed is where it’s at. Credible assumptions and sensible default values will allow fluid navigation avoiding the need for countless inputs to be populated before the magic happens.

Of course these are just three of countless considerations to get the very best out of a budget impact model and we can lead you every step of the way so that your business case gets the impact it deserves with positive recommendations. Our interactive models deployed over iPad, laptop and web are robust, elegantly designed and will equip you and your team to engage in these conversations with a compelling argument. For further information or to request a demonstration of our payer communications tools please click on the link below.

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