The gloves were off at the 34th annual Heart Rhythm Society (HRS) conference this year in Denver. I attended several debates this year, including the new ?Battle of the Titans? debate sessions, complete with boxing gloves for the debate participants. It's always hard to have a clear winner in these debates as each side presents the extremes of the argument, but I must say if the decision was made on entertainment value alone, I would have to give it to Dr. John Camm of St. George's University of London. He was the antagonist arguing that the use of Warfarin in non-valvular atrial fibrillation (AF) patients is not obsolete, and in a separate debate arguing that the use of anticoagulation therapy is superior to left atrial appendage closure in stroke prevention for AF patients. While his opponent joked that Dr. Camm's British accent gave him an unfair advantage, it was his humor that had the audience laughing out loud, while at the same time providing strong arguments for his side of the debate. These debates covered a lot of interesting trial results and left the audience divided; Dr. Camm won his second debate by only a narrow show of hands. While the topics discussed were serious, with important considerations, it was great to see physicians poking fun at each other, packing both an end of day session and an early morning session...this was especially impressive given that these sessions usually see people duck out early or roll in late.

All in all, a great few days. Hope to see you all at HRS in 2014!

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