This Saturday, at Western University, a group of students will have the opportunity to experience first hand what life as an MRG Analyst is like. They will be given an actual MRG case to analyze. Competing against other teams, they will perform a full market and company analysis, and be judged on the results.

They'll need to present an account of the market landscape, create a five year market forecast, and assess a specific company. Then they'll need to wrap that up with some strategic recommendations. The competition will allow the students to gain an idea of the types of research we do and the insights we provide our clients.

All in a day's work for an MRG medical device market analyst. We do warn the students that it's harder than it looks....
The winning team will receive $1500 and an interview with MRG. Other finalist teams will receive $500.

Millennium Research Group's Business Case Competition
Saturday, March 3rd, 2012, 9am-4:30pm
Sommerville House, Room 2355 (2nd floor)
Western University

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