The theme was clear at the 2015 annual meeting for the Academy of Osseointegration (AO) in San Francisco. Whether the surgical treatment is elective or functional, aesthetics are imperative on all levels. Traditionally, optimal aesthetic results have been traced back to a dentist's individual skill. However, AO serves to identify the new approaches, limitations, and challenges of implant aesthetics to obtain more predictable and repeatable results.
The corporate forums seemed to enlighten dentists on how to avoid complications with immediate placement, manage extraction site defects, and look at bone augmentation from a fresh perspective. These surgical concepts all involve the use of challenging techniques that require a comprehensive understanding of bone wound healing and soft tissue manipulation. In addition to surgical concepts, the Opening Symposium underscored the power of collaboration and the team approach as it emphasized the importance of cooperation and coordination.  For example, Dr. Leziy and Dr. Miller discussed the value of pre-visualization in the treatment planning process and how the involvement of both the surgical and restorative team can provide a more critical assessment of treatment concepts, materials, and techniques for superior outcomes.  The quest for aesthetic implant reconstruction continued as Dr. Tarnow and Dr. Chu discussed the current techniques and evidence-based outcomes associated with the treatment of a failing single anterior tooth with contemporary post-extraction socket therapies.
Overall, implant dentistry seems to be continuously evolving, offering new and more predictable surgical treatment methods with minimally invasive protocols.

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