This week, we will be hosting our Cardiovascular Seminar at the Fairmont Battery Warf in Boston's historic North End. The predominantly Italian heritage of this neighborhood has produced an expanse of homespun eateries, ranging from the exorbitant to the hole-in-the-wall, but all faithfully and authentically Italian. And, if there's one thing these seemingly dive-y, take-out counters do well, it's pizza. Here are some of Boston's best slices, handmade by mom and pop Italians in the heart of the city's own Little Italy:

Regina Pizzeria

The pizza that spawned a hundred food court franchises got its start right here, serving the Boston North End with consistently delicious thin-crust, brick oven pizzas since 1926. You can give or take the ambience, but the always fresh, never greasy pies are enough of a distraction to forgive your surroundings and the somewhat surly wait staff. Bring an appetite for pizza alone because salads and desserts are not available on the menu, and keep in mind that the establishment's reputation precedes itself for locals and tourists alike you will have to face a wait on the weekend.


There's a lot of debate from both Bostonians and New Yorkers as to what defines a traditional NY pizza, but patrons can all agree that Ernesto's serves up not only one of the best slices in the North End, but potentially the best in Boston. Ernesto's pizza arguably reflects the much-disputed NY style, but with a selection of 24 varieties on top of thin, chewy, foldable crust, cut up in slices that are easily the size of your head who cares

Galleria Umberto

If a line out the door is equivalent to the locals stamp of approval, then Galleria Umberto is decidedly a neighborhood favorite. While the Sicilian-style pizzas are enough to write your Italian ancestors about, don't neglect to sample the other Old World classics on the menu, like their famous softball-sized arancini. Umberto's is a go-to spot for the business- or tourist-lunch crowd, and the prices cannot be beat for the quality and portions. Get in line early because the doors close as soon as they run out of food for the day.

Whether you are looking for a late-night snack, a quick meal-on-the-go or just trying to get a taste of Boston's culinary offerings, the North End has your pizza cravings covered. Get your fix when you join us this Friday for Decision Resources Group's Competitive Landscape Seminar Series: Cardiovascular.

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