Today I learned about an emerging use for aesthetic laser technology. Dubbed the inside out face lift, it users lasers inside the mouth to treat the nasolabial and marionette lines. It's completely noninvasive and the results presented were pretty substantial. This procedure would appeal to patients who want the effect of injectables but who are averse to needles.

Dr. Christine Lee treated a former supermodel who claims that the procedure has helped relaunch her career in acting. Currently there is only one laser on the market that can be used for this procedure, the Fotona SP Dynamis. Lasers are typically used to treat lines and remove hyper pigmentation. What is unique about this procedure, is its ability to actually plump the skin, an effect not usually associated with lasers. The downside is that multiple treatments are needed to achieve the effects, and the availability of the procedure will be limited to those derms and plastic surgeons who currently own the aforementioned laser, unless other companies start to catch on and offer the same technology. It's pretty interesting to learn about the new ways that aesthetic treatments can be performed. 

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