My name is Kristina and I have been working at MRG for over 3 months now. My background in sociology imparted me with a passion for research and analysis, which led me to the market research analyst position.  I am part of the dental and aesthetics team; our team researches and reports on the variety of medical devices used in all manners of dental work and in the world of aesthetics. Below is a brief snapshot of a typical day in the life of an analyst at MRG.


Arrive at the office, and check my email. I peruse through the many Google alerts I?ve set up in order to keep abreast of events in the dental and aesthetics markets. The world of Botox, breast implants, and liposuction isn?t dry, to say the least. I?ll likely send a link or two to the rest of my teammates if I come across a particularly interesting?or horrifying!?news articles about the latest developments in the world of dental and aesthetics.


After taking care of administrative duties for the morning, I look at my calendar to decide how I?m going to divide my time for the day. Depending on the stage of my report, my day could include tasks such as secondary research (which runs the whole gamut from reading scientific journals to celebrity gossip magazines?hey! We?ve got to know what the trends are); conducting interviews with plastic surgeons or market managers; to crunching the data collected from said interviews; to finally analysing and interpreting the data before writing the report.


I meet up with a few of my colleagues?nay, friends?in the lunchroom, we grab our food and head outdoors to a nearby picnic table to eat lunch together and get caught up. The variety of people one meets at MRG is truly astounding?while we all come from a variety of academic backgrounds, one commonality I?ve found is that everyone in the office is friendly, outgoing, and always willing to lend a hand or give advice, which is especially helpful for new analysts!


Because I?m in the middle stage of my report, I?ve got a few interviews under my belt, which means I have data to start analysing. I pull up my Excel spreadsheet and start modelling a variety of data points so that I can start to get a sense of how the market is going to be changing over the next 5 years.


I?ve got an interview scheduled, so for the next 30 minutes I?ll be discussing the latest trends in the world of breast implants with someone who knows them firsthand?a plastic surgeon in Hollywood! She's extremely friendly and provides the much needed qualitative data necessary to give the aforementioned data points context and meaning. After we hang up, I?ll immediately begin transcribing the interview, and make note of any memorable quotes or insights that will be later included in the report. From here, I?ll go back to my model to see if any new insights gleaned from the latest interview should be impacting my numbers. The report writing process is, in fact, an iterative process, with lots of going back and forth and adjusting data points as you develop additional knowledge throughout the research process. Before I know it, it's 5pm and it's time to bid adieu to MRG for the night.

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