It's been awhile since we've done a round-up of more light-hearted health care/medtech-related articles, so here's your winter fix.

  1. In belated news, in honour of Movember, a campaign where many men grow mustaches to raise awareness for prostate cancer, a hospital in my home town of Toronto live-tweeted a prostate cancer surgery. It was even done with the help of a surgical robot, which have generated ongoing interest and controversy in the medtech space.
  2. Cancer is never good news, and especially not for pets. However, this Toronto cat recently underwent a novel breast cancer treatment. The idea is that this new experimental therapy will be used on volunteered domestic animals and its effectiveness will be monitored if it proves to be successful, researchers are hopeful that they can get funding for human trials.
  3. In the realm of even weirder pet news, this goldfish also recently underwent a surgery to remove a tumour from his head, complete with anesthetic to keep him asleep and painkillers for after the surgery.
  4. Did you know that Omar Ishrak, the CEO of Medtronic, undertook the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge in August DRG didn't miss out on the fun either, completing a group ice bucket challenge at our headquarters in Burlington, Massachusetts.

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